Most of the time the managing director has a clear vision, about the direction of where he wants to take his firm and its values. Unfortunately he/she is very often simply too busy to be able to write these thoughts down on paper, make plans and properly implement them.

We help you translate the ideas into a tangible document, to achieve consensus among the professionals, define adequate actions and reach clear goals.

We help you to reflect and to create an organizational model (strategic plan) that is in tune with your particular work processes.

In close collaboration with the management team and key members of staff we carry out an analysis of the processes in the organization with the aim of designing a strategy that takes into account the wider environment of the firm and highlights its competitive advantages.

Engineering and architectural firms can add value to their clients from; the knowledge, the services and competences of its professionals. Therefore the three key strategic dispositions for engineering and architectural firms are:

  • The prioritization of clients and projects
  • Delivering the right services
  • Management of its resources

Obviously our work does not necessarily end with the presentation of a strategic plan. We support you with the implementation until the established goals have been achieved.